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Catheline Cavarroc Design

My goal is to create the perfect nest for everyone to write a new page in their life.

Your home, our own cocoon, it can be a studio, an apartment, or a house. Ultimately, it doesn't matter because each living space must be designed to really feel at home, to be aligned with your values, the perfect place to welcome your family, your loved ones and see them grow up. It reflects the style and the way of life that those choosing to live there and celebrate their best moments.

This is precisely what fascinates me and what I offer you: to support you to bring this lifestyle to live and flourish in a warm and caring living space. I listen to your desires and personality. Trained at the prestigious Boulle school in Paris and with experience in France, Luxembourg, and Canada, I am also a force for proposals. My signature: a refined and relaxed decoration, which revolutionizes your interior to simply feel good!


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